What should an information system achieve for an organization in order to be considered a strategic

What Is an Information System? Dave Bourgeois and David T. Bourgeois Learning Objectives Upon successful completion of this chapter, you will be able to: Introduction If you are reading this, you are most likely taking a course in information systems, but do you even know what the course is going to cover?

What should an information system achieve for an organization in order to be considered a strategic

History[ edit ] The concept of SIS was first introduced into the field of information systems in by Dr. Charles Wiseman, President of a newly formed consultancy called "Competitive Applications," cf. But from the start I was puzzled by their occurrence. At least theoretically I was unprepared to admit the existence of a new variety of computer application.

The conventional view at the time recognized only management information systemsand management support systems, the former used to satisfy the information needs and the latter to automate basic business processes of decision makers.

But as my file of cases grew, I realized that the conventional perspective on information systems was incomplete, unable to account for SIS. The examples belied the theory, and the theory in general blinded believers from seeing SIS. Indeed, some conventional information systems planning methodologies, which act like theories in guiding the systematic search for computer application opportunities, exclude certain SIS possibilities from what might be found.

At first, I believed that the conventional gospel could be enlarged to accommodate SIS. But as my research progressed, I abandoned this position and concluded that to explain SIS and facilitate their discovery, one needed to view uses of computer information technology from a radically different perspective.

The chapters to follow present my conception of it. Written for top executives and line managers, they show how computers information technology can be used to support or shape competitive strategy. You can help by adding to it. September Definition[ edit ] A SIS is a computer system that implements business strategies; They are those systems where information services resources are applied to strategic business opportunities in such a way that the computer systems affect the organization's products and business operations.

Strategic information systems are always systems that are developed in response to corporate business initiative. The ideas in several well-known cases came from information Services people, but they were directed at specific corporate business thrusts.

In other cases, the ideas came from business operational people, and Information Services supplied the technological capabilities to realize profitable results. Most information systems are looked on as support activities to the business.

They mechanize operations for better efficiency, control, and effectiveness, but they do not, in themselves, increase corporate profitability. They are simply used to provide management with sufficient dependable information to keep the business running smoothly, and they are used for analysis to plan new directions.

Strategic information systems, on the other hand, become an integral and necessary part of the business, and they affect the profitability and growth of a company. They open up new markets and new businesses. They directly affect the competitive stance of the organization, giving it an advantage against the competitors.

Most literature on strategic information systems emphasizes the dramatic breakthroughs in computer systems, such as American Airlines ' Sabre System and American Hospital Supply's terminals in customer offices.

These, and many other highly successful approaches are most attractive to think about, and it is always possible that an equivalent success may be attained in your organization.Strategic information system helps organizations to develop their ge neric strategies in order to attain co mpetitive advantages.

O n the other sid e, Literature review focu s on the business.

What should an information system achieve for an organization in order to be considered a strategic

Information systems and the organizations in which they are used interact with and influence each other. The introduction of a new information system will affect organizational structure, goals, work design, values, competition between interest groups, decision making, and day-to-day behavior.

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Strategic information systems are the information systems that companies use to help achieve their goals and become more efficient. Businesses use these systems to achieve a competitive advantage on their competitors as they seek to provide a good or service in a way that is better than that of their competition.

An information system could be anything from a database of customerrecords, a point of sale system for sales transactions, or a recordor manufacturing information. What should an information system achieve for an organization in order to be considered a strategic information system?

How do strategic information systems . What Should An Information System Achieve For An Organization In Order To Be Considered A Strategic Information System  Information System Briefing HCS April 30, Information System Briefing Health care organizations are constantly striving to keep up with technological advances in order to provide the best quality patient care imaginable.

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