Tutorial slideshow powerpoint 2007

If the Gantt Chart Wizard is hidden in Microsoft Project you will need to add it to the ribbon by following these steps.

Tutorial slideshow powerpoint 2007

Email article Print article When Microsoft came out with Officethey did at least one excellent job, i. Things are not so easy with version or earlier; it is a pain indeed to insert videos.

This article shows you how to insert videos into PowerPoints in Click the Tutorial slideshow powerpoint 2007 tab in the far right side of the PowerPoint ribbon.

Save your PowerPoint presentation and the desired movie to the same folder. If you move your presentation to another location in the same computer or to a different computer, make sure you copy those movie files along with the presentation file to the new location or define the new absolute file paths for the movies.

This icon is the last one at the second row in the Controls box and should feature a hammer and wrench image. Select Apple QuickTime Control 2. Use the crosshair that appears to click and drag a window of sufficient size for the movie you plan to show.

Right-click inside this window and then select Properties. The QTControl Properties window will open in the left-hand side of the screen.

Click the Sizing row in Alphabetic tab, and then select the option 1 — qtMovieFitsControl from the drop-down menu that appears.

Microsoft Project Tutorial #1

This needs to be an absolute path, meaning that it specifies a unique location in the file system. It should follow this format: The ShockwaveFlash Properties window will open in the left-hand side of the screen. Type the address of the movie in the Movie row in Alphabetic tab of the ShockwaveFlash Properties window.

To play the file automatically when the slide is displayed, set the Playing property to True. The disadvantage of this format is that the movie starts automatically and does not let you control it.

tutorial slideshow powerpoint 2007

Close the Properties box and save your presentation again. It may take a few seconds for the movie to load. Always check to make sure that the movie works using the same computer as you will be using for your actual presentation. It may not work in all machines or operating systems. It may be more reliable and useful in the long-term to download or purchase movie editing software e.

For movies in native format, use the following easy steps: Click the Insert tab. Under Media Clips far right sideclick Movie. Browse to Insert Movie and click OK. Choose Automatically or When Clicked as you like.Download the example to work along with the video..

About themes.

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A theme is automatically applied when you create a new presentation in PowerPoint, even though the slide background is white.

This default theme is called the Office skybox2008.com Office Theme consists of a white background and Calibri font of various sizes for titles and body text.

The following tutorial works using Microsoft Office PowerPoint if you have the latest Apple QuickTime Player and/or Adobe Flash Player and/or VLC media player installed (all these players are free for Windows). The tutorial may work in a similar way for MS PowerPoint , I .

PowerPoint Presentation This tutorial takes you step-by-step through the process of developing an effective PowerPoint presentation.

Lesson 1: The PowerPoint Window PowerPoint is a presentation software package. With PowerPoint, you can easily create Microsoft PowerPoint Tutorial. Create smaller videos that embed faster and are guaranteed to play in Microsoft PowerPoint up to the original slideshow with 6 embedded videos had a file size of roughly 1 GB.

Microsoft offers a video tutorial to embed videos in PowerPoint Newest Microsoft Powerpoint Tutorial Pdf if you would like acquire all these amazing images regarding Microsoft Powerpoint Tutorial Pdf, just click save button to download these pics to your personal computer.

Advanced PowerPoint Animation Tutorials and Videos. Learn animations step-by-step with video tutorials.

tutorial slideshow powerpoint 2007

These entrance, exit, emphasis and motion path effects are extremely useful. PowerPoint Tutorial for Clock Needle Animation Effect.

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