Public opinion on the watergate scandal

Tags What was Watergate? Here are 14 facts that explain everything Deep Throat, Woodward and Bernstein, Saturday Night Massacre — just some phrases associated with the biggest political scandal in history. The Watergate scandal is widely considered to be the biggest in political history anywhere in the world but trying to explain it is not easy.

Public opinion on the watergate scandal

Administration sources insist this new Latin America policy is not just to get out the vote. Once the election is over, the White House is vowing to use all the tools of national power to raise the pressure on the leaders of these three governments.

There are also significant international implications. OPINION Democratic House gains of at least seats surely would constitute an electoral wave and a clear message of dissatisfaction with the president and his party.

Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims to save the department billions of dollars. Extremism has become a business. OPINION I used to live a few miles from here, when I started my career as a journalist, and Pittsburgh is one of those places that never entirely leaves you, even when you go away.

Put too much stock in these percentages, though, and you may punish the wrong things. For the first time in years, citizens have responded with a robust push to expand democratic rights. OPINION Although the sovereignty of the states continues to diminish under the growing power of the federal government, the United States, as the name implies, is in fact a collection of states, each with its own social and geographic interests.

The first congressional investigation into Watergate didn’t go so well.

She always believed that citizenship demanded compromise and mutual respect. Military Update This was to be the month that the 5-year-old Defense Health Agency assumed management responsibility for all Army, Navy and Air Force health care facilities.

The restructuring of the military health system continues and the deadline has been extended. Opinion When it comes to the real barometer of presidential truthfulness — keeping his promises — Trump is a paragon of honesty.

Public opinion on the watergate scandal

For better or worse, since taking office, Trump has done exactly what he promised he would do. OPINION The lofty rhetoric Trudeau has used to justify this new regime of legalization presupposes a government prepared to own all the problems of a society in which pot is now explicitly condoned by the state.

And we ignore the human-made crises we inflict upon our planet because they are inconvenient to our lifestyles. Military Update Student vets win too as court unchains Obama loan protection U.

District Judge Randolph D. Moss dismissed legal arguments from an association of for-profit colleges, which succeeded for more than a year to block Obama administration rules to bring financial relief to defrauded student borrowers and to strengthen federal protections against deceptive school practices.Feb 16,  · John D.

Ehrlichman, who served as President Richard M. Nixon's pugnacious defender and domestic policy chief and went to prison for his role in the Watergate . The Watergate scandal of is said to have made a number of Americans lose their faith in the government and in the leadership of their country, due to the realization they had been lied to through media.

Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, two Washington Post journalists, revealed that former U.S. The Watergate affair was over, but its influence was not.

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The interlinked scandals generated a new and enduring skepticism about the federal government in American public opinion.

The lingo of the scandal--"to cover-up," to "stonewall," and "to leak"--became part of the American political vocabulary. Get The Wall Street Journal’s Opinion columnists, editorials, op-eds, letters to the editor, and book and arts reviews.

Respondents are asked to consider their hopes and fears for the nation and then rate the state of the nation on a scale to represent where the country stands today, where it stood five years ago, and where it is expected to be five years hence. (1) level of attention to Watergate;. (2) good and bad reactions to Nixon’s handling of Watergate (open-end) ; (3) extent of interpersonal conversation about Watergate; (4) awareness of the nature of the original Watergate event; and (5) attitudes about aspects of Watergate itself (closed-ended questions).

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