Perception 2

Print Advertisement To survive physically or psychologically, we sometimes need to react automatically to a speeding taxi as we step off the curb or to the subtle facial cues of an angry boss. That automatic mode of thinking, not under voluntary control, contrasts with the need to slow down and deliberately fiddle with pencil and paper when working through an algebra problem. The following excerpt is the first chapter, entitled "The Characters of the Story," which introduces readers to these systems.

Perception 2

It refers to theories of visual perception developed by German psychologists in the s. These theories attempt to describe how people tend to organize visual elements into groups or unified wholes when certain principles are applied.

Similarity Similarity occurs when objects Perception 2 similar to one another. People often perceive them as a group or pattern. The example above containing 11 distinct objects appears as as single unit because all of the shapes have similarity.

Unity occurs because the triangular shapes at the bottom of the eagle symbol look similar to the shapes that form the sunburst. When similarity occurs, an object can be emphasised if it is dissimilar to the others.

This is called anomally. The figure on the far right becomes a focal point because it is dissimilar to the other shapes. Continuation Continuation occurs when the eye is compelled to move through one object and continue to another object.

Perception 2

Continuation occurs in the example above, because the viewer's eye will naturally follow a line or curve. The smooth flowing crossbar of the "H" leads the eye directly to the maple leaf. Closure Closure occurs when an object is incomplete or a space is not completely enclosed.

If enough of the shape is indicated, people percieve the whole by filling in the missing infomation. Although the panda above is not complete, enough is present for the eye to complete the shape.

When the viewer's perception completes a shape, closure occurs.Perception, Personality, and Emotions 1. What is perception? 2. What causes people to have different perceptions of the same situation?

3. Can people be mistaken in their perceptions?

Perception 2

4. Does perception really affect outcomes? 5. What is personality and how does it affect. 1. The Ordinary Conception of Perceptual Experience. In this section we spell out the ordinary conception of perceptual experience.

There are two central aspects to . And perception, of course, is a two-way street. You also formed impressions about your professors based on their appearance, dress, organization, intelligence, and approachability. As a professor who teaches others how to teach, I instruct my student-teachers to really take the first day of class seriously.


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