Motherhood in the bean trees essay

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Motherhood in the bean trees essay

You are, of course, free to add your own analysis and understanding of the plot or themes to them for your essay.

Each of the women is going through an issue that has been thrust upon them and has a large psychological impact because of their sex. Lou Ann is abandoned by her husband, Esperanza is coping with the loss of her daughter and Taylor is trying to learn how to live with a child that has been thrust upon her.

However, through it all, the three women fight to find a better future, not just for themselves, but also for one another. In the beginning of The Bean Trees, Taylor says of Turtle that being born a woman has already affected her, due to her abused body and mind.

In what ways does Turtle embody the various troubles that the women in The Bean Trees face?

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Neither Esperanza, Lou Ann, nor Taylor have conventional views on motherhood, and none of the women are raising their children in a normal family setup. In which ways do these characters share the same parenting techniques? Although their situations are all very different, how does Kingsolver explore the different kinds of love they have for their children?

Marietta changes her name to Taylor when her car runs out of gas in a city of the same name. Esperanza and Estevez shed their Guatemalan names when they immigrate to America, and become Steven and Hope when they move away from Tucson.

The issue of names is clearly something that is important in The Bean Trees. In what way do the characters represent their new names and how do they grow as people after each name change?

Mattie, who is very caring and a likeable character, is deeply entrenched in the immigration movement into Tucson, even going so far as harboring the men and women on her own property.

Also, how does Kingsolver bring up other issues regarding illegal immigration, such as political crackdowns and language barriers? Do you think that the portrayal of Estevan and Esperanza is realistic? Even Estevez and Esperanza are symbiotic; they have been through so much, with their illegal immigration that they cannot function outside of one another.

In what ways do these relationships, and the other, less prominent relationships in The Bean Trees promote a network of reliance? All quotes contain page numbers as well.

Motherhood in the bean trees essay

Look at the bottom of the page to identify which edition of the text they are referring to. You see a room just like the first one, the same table, and the same pot of stew, the same spoons as long as a sponge mop.

But these people are all happy and fat. A bird had built her nest in it.

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In and out she flew among the horrible spiny branches, never once hesitating. You know who that is?

Motherhood in the bean trees essay

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