Mini society business plan for 4th graders

This unit focuses on the classical civilizations, Greece and Rome.

Mini society business plan for 4th graders

It also explains the complete unit. You will need to customize it to your needs.

mini society business plan for 4th graders

Of course, the students will not be paid real money, but a classroom system is set up that rewards students who perform well on assignments and completes long-term projects.

For students not motivated to turn in their work and follow the rules, this system provides a real-life incentive -- they'll face the consequences when the "job" doesn't get done. The job of each "employee" is that of being a student.

The Teacher's Corner

All students are expected to complete all assignments and follow the school and classroom rules. Each student is also responsible for a classroom job. Job applications were distributed on the first day of classes. Personal interviews were conducted on Friday, August Job assignments were announced on Monday, August The students are currently training for their positions.

Please see the attached list of job assignments. They will be paid by check each Tuesday for the previous weeks work. Students will be able to spend their money on special classroom activities at the end of each grading period and other designated times.

Any student who hasn't paid the rent by the first of the month will receive an overdue notice. Any student who still hasn't paid the rent a week later will receive an eviction notice. Although the student will not really be evicted, a privilege will be taken away to teach the reality of what would happen if the rent really wasn't paid.

When the student earns enough money to cover the rent, the privilege will be returned. Students who choose not to do their assignments or follow the rules will come up short on the money needed to pay their rent. Assignments not turned in 2 days after the due date will receive a grade of zero.

mini society business plan for 4th graders

Parents will be notified when work is not turned in or is incomplete in the students assignment notebook. If students miss a day of school, they won't receive any pay for that day unless they make up the work on time within 2 days and bring a written excuse from their parent or doctor.

Street Name and No.Twelfth graders are put into business management teams.

4th Grade Arts Lesson Plans

Each week one leader research one of the following topics: Management, Leadership, Teamwork, and Ethics in Business. They give presentations to the class on their topic of study. Thematic Units - Mini Society Money. Money Unit (Mini-Society) The following "Parent Letter" is to be sent home.

It also explains the complete unit. The 4th grade lesson plan section will continuously grow as more teachers from our community submit their lesson plans.

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