How to write a news flash clip

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How to write a news flash clip

October 18th, Author: ActionScript Design Text In this easy lesson made for Flash MX and Flash 8, I will show you how to give custom speech bubbles to characters featured in a classical painting.

Specifically, you will see: Preliminary steps 1 Open a new Flash document. Go to the Dimensions option and make sure that width is set to px and height to px.

Save the image somewhere on your hard disk where you'll quickly find it. Find the image you saved in previous step Manet-dejeuner. The image will appear on your document's stage.

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Now take a look below the stage the left portion of Property inspector panel and check if both of the image's coordinates equal zero the X and Y values. If they don't match zero, make them so - type it in manually. This also means that a value should not be 0.

There are two reasons for this: Second, images that aren't placed on round coordinates like X that is set to 05 or Y to They might turn out blurry in some cases.

Top of page Making the speech bubble 7 Select the Oval tool O. Go to the Property inspector and make sure that the type of line is set to hairline.

Select white as fill color. As for the stroke color, select a hue that is highly visible and in good contrast with the fill of the bubble: The one I drew is pixels wide and 80 pixels high.

Press and hold down Shift, then click and start dragging your mouse diagonally — you should get a degree line.

how to write a news flash clip

Draw it somewhere below the oval shape and make sure that it is running from upper left to bottom right, like the one seen in the image below. Bring your cursor near the middle of the line.

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You will see a small curve appear below your cursor, showing you that the line is ready to be manipulated with. Click and start dragging to the left.

The curve will begin to appear. Make a small curvatore like above and release your mouse.

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A right angle will show up below your cursor — this means that you can manipulate the curve's ending point. Click and start dragging left and below to make the curve less concave.

The curve has just been pasted into place, meaning on the precisely same position as the original one, only over it.

Now don't click anywhere because if you do that you will unselect the newly made curve and it will merge with the original one. Just press and hold Shift and hit the Right arrow key on your keyboard a few times to move the new curve away from the original see image on the right below.If you're interested in getting an editorial job -- particularly at a magazine or newspaper -- you'll need writing samples or editorial clips.

Editorial clips are, in many ways, a kind of calling card for professional journalists and magazine writers.

how to write a news flash clip

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Learn to make funny comic-style dialogue bubbles in Flash and apply them to classical paintings with this easy tutorial: this part explains how to quickly create a speech bubble.

Plays the short ESPN intro, then gets straight into the hourly news. Just the news--very little, if any, opinions which is awesome. Covers popular sports first, of course.

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