Heirs and assigns

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Heirs and assigns

The land was held according to the custom of the manor and the mode of landholding took its name from the fact that the 'title deed' received by the tenant was a copy of the relevant entry in the manorial court roll.

Joint tenants are said to hold by moieties nuncupative will a 'deathbed' will that must be made in the presence of two witnesses who usually write the document. Also a property of a permanent nature that is possessed or owned such as land or a building, together with the rights associated with such possession or ownership viz medieval abbreviation of 'viderlicet' from Latin 'videre licet' - 'permitted to see' - especially in written English when you want to give more detail or be more exact about something you have just written All SEAX records can be searched on the internet HERE The table below is the first of six webpages listing all of the Henham-related Wills held on the SEAX computer database at Essex County Council archives at Chelmsford.

The images of each page of the Wills are hyperlinked to the SEAX reference number in the left-hand column in the table. The images are the property of Essex Record Office and are reproduced by courtesy of ERO to whom we are very grateful. In ye name of god amen: Simon Smyth of Plegeden.

In the name of god amen. I Thomas Archer of Henham in ye countie of Essex, Clerke, being sick in body but in good and perfect memory, lord and praise be unto Almighty God for ye same?

First I commend my soul into ye hands of almighty God ye father, son and holy ghost and my bodie to be buried in ye churchyard of Henham aforesaid.

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Item I will ye Margaret my wife shall have ye house wherein I now dwell, also my garden, and all ye appurtenances unto belonging to her and her during her natural life. Item I give unto my said wife all my debts and monie that is owing unto me whatsoever. Item I will that after my said wife's decease ye said house wherein I now dwell, also ye garden, and all ye appurtenances.

And in consideration thereof shall pay unto his brother Thomas Archer twelve pounds of lawful money of England after one month after.

But if it fall out afterward, ye cannot enjoy ye house, but if by law or by order of ye Lords Court he must depart from. Item I give unto Agnes Wateresse my daughter the sum of six pounds of lawful money of England.

Item I give unto Susanna Stanes my daughter twenty pounds to be paid unto her by my executor within. Item I give unto the said Susanna after my wife's decease my black Item I will Katherine Parnell.

Item I give unto ye said Thomas Parnell twenty pounds to be paid unto him by my executor having attained twenty fours years.

Henham History Essex - Wills part 1

I give unto the repairing of Henham church three pounds to be paid by my executor at the day of my burial. Item I will ye my wife during her life All the rest of my goods I do ordain and constitute Robert Archer my son as the Supervisor of this my said last will I request. Making of this my last will, it intended a sale and bargain of my house wherein now dwelling my my son in law John Parnell, that he should have the same house paying for it ye sum of five pounds of lawful money of England upon the last day of St Michael ye Katherine Parnell my daughter as my.

Aug William Askewe of Henham. In the name of God Amen, the thirtie day of July in the year of our Lord god and in the 39th year of the reign of our sovereign Ladie Elizabeth by the grace of god of England, France and Ireland queen, defender of the faith I, William Askewe of Henham in the county of Essex and in the diocese of London being in good mind and perfect memorie thanks be given to god therefore do ordain and make this my present testament containing in it my last will in such manner and form as hereafter shall be.

I give and bequeath unto Margaret my wife All that my free tenement, orchard and garden with the appurtenanaces in Henham aforesaid to have and to hold the aforesaid tenement, orchard and garden with all and singular their appurtenances unto the said Margaret my wife and her heirs for ever and it shall be lawful for the said Margaret my wife at her discretion either to give or to sell that my tenement, orchard and garden with all the appurtenances in Henham aforesaid as In ye name of god Amen: I Thomas Bothomey of Henham in ye county of Essex and in the diocese of London being sicke in body and in good and in perfect remembrance Thomas Bothomley give bequeath in this my last Will and Testament.

Also I give and bequeath unto Elizabeth Botomley my daughter Richard Bothomley my son had or his heirs. Made ye day and year William Gamonde, John Clerke, Henry.

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In the name of God Amen. I do ordain, will and bequeath my tenement that I now dwell in. And I give and bequeath to the said Agnes and Mary all my goods, moveables, imoveables, debts and money, my funeral charge and all other ordinary expenses I do make my daughters Agnes and Mary my executrixes And I ordain and ernestly.

John Clerk of Old Mead in Henham aforesaid yeoman. The seventh day of June in the fortieth year of the reign of our Sovereign Ladie Elizabeth by the year of God, of England, France and Ireland, Queen, Defender of the faith I, Richard Botomelye of Henham in the countie of Essex and diocese of London, bricklayer, being of whole mind and perfect remembrance Lord glory and prayer Item I give and bequeath unto Agnes my wife this my mansion or dwelling house in the which I now dwell situate and being in Henham aforesaid with the orchard adjoining there unto for.

I give and bequeath my said messuage or tenement unto Richard Botomley my.


I give and bequeath unto John Botomley my youngest son four pounds of lawful English money to be payed unto him or to his assigns within one year next coming after the death of Agnes my wife Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter Agnes Botomlye fortie shillings of lawful English money to be paid unto her by my son Richard Botomlye within two years next coming after the death of Agnes Botomye my wife Item:Safe and Secure.

Unlike precious metals, if you lose a domain name, you can find it easily. HOME Wills Section. Individual wills are separated by a gray bar, and the sources for all wills are specified beneath each title.

— Will of Archibald McNeill, Princess Anne Co., VA. Explains the annual IRS elective deferral limit.

Heirs and assigns

It also explains the effect of contributing to more than one plan if the IRS limit is exceeded. Your one-stop source for Race Management | Socks, Apparel and Equipment for Runners and Triathletes. In English law, a fee simple or fee simple absolute is an estate in land, a form of freehold ownership.

It is a way that real estate and land may be owned in common law countries, and is the highest possible ownership interest that can be held in real property. Allodial title is reserved to governments under a civil law structure. The rights of the fee simple owner are limited by government.

The Bell Inn / Hotel. Vintage cars outside the Bell, The buildings behind the car were formerly the Bell Garage. The first detailed reference to The Bell by name found so far is in the will of Anthony Jackson, He describes himself as "yeoman" but refers to "my house called the Bell".

Winslow History | The Bell Inn / Hotel