Dummy text generator business plan

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Dummy text generator business plan

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Why Focus on Transactional Email? Transactional emails - emails sent automatically in response to a user's action on your site - amplify all of your other marketing channels at once.

When fewer users fall off the conveyor belt toward revenue, the time and money you spend getting them there in the first place yields much better returns. Not only are you already sending these emails, but people are expecting them, opening them, and reading them, so why not make them work for you?

The Pirate Model is so named because it consists of five stages that make up the user life-cycle: Acquisition People hear about you and land on your site.

Activation People actually use your product. Retention People come back. They stick with your product over time and develop an understanding of how it works and why they like it.

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Referral People invite their friends to try your product. Revenue Acquire Dubloons See? We love it because it gives marketers and CEOs a consistent vocabulary for planning and reviewing growth strategies. How do you keep that momentum going?

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Enter the Welcome Email Welcome emails are purpose driven emails written to carry the excitement of a new user toward a first positive experience with your product or service.

In fact, welcome emails generate 4x more opens and 5x more clicks [warning: This chapter outlines 10 battle-tested strategies for creating conversion focused welcome emails. If your company has already mapped out specific user goals or actions to move new customers from acquisition to activation, skip this next section and move straight to the strategies.

Otherwise, this section will help you build out a step-by-step process for activating new users. Map out the onboarding process.

dummy text generator business plan

Stick them up on a white board. Make a list of your activation goals — the specific actions your users need to complete in order to hit the ground running with your product.

This includes what they need to know as well as what they need to do. Take this opportunity to cut any unnecessary steps. This process will help you determine the goal of your welcome email and, in chapter 2, the goals of your onboarding emails.

The goal of the welcome email is to get readers to complete the first activation goal with as little friction as possible. The important thing is that your welcome emails are tailored to your goals.Transaction Code (TCODE) Description (TTEXT) /SAPDMC/LSMW LSM Workbench: Initial Screen /SAPTRX/ASAPLOG Appl.

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dummy text generator business plan
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